Friday, 23 October 2015

Patience is a virtue

These are strange times. I'm writing this the morning after a disappointing 1 - 1 draw at Anfield against a 10 man Rubin Kazan. 

The unparalleled hype around Klopp's arrival still hasn't died down. No one would have wanted his first game in charge at Anfield to end like last night did but despite the result, hope, support and togetherness still oozed from every emergency exit at Anfield last night. The final whistle was met with huge applause after what on the whole had been a decent atmosphere - especially considering what we have become accustomed to.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

RAOTL Column - Klopp Mania

This article was written for Issue 216 of Red All Over The Land fanzine...

When I sat down to write my column for the issue of Red All Over The Land that you have in your hands there was only one possible subject on which I could out pen to paper, that was of course J├╝rgen Klopp. In the world of Liverpool Football Club there simply has not been any other news except that of the charismatic German who was appointed Liverpool manager in a whirlwind of excitement and press attention. He is the man 95% of Liverpool fans have wanted for some time – and it was impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. It felt like a fairy tale coming true. 

I am assuming that by the time this issue has hit the streets Klopp will have undertaken his first game as Liverpool manager, away at Tottenham, and perhaps even his first Anfield appearance with a Europa League tie against Rubin Kazan. You can’t imagine that we won’t see a reaction from the squad in those first few games, and hopefully two wins, but nothing is ever straightforward in football and for all his charisma, managerial quality and track record there are no guarantees. 

Except perhaps one that whatever happens in his tenure, it is going to be one hell of a journey. 
Thousands upon thousands of words have been written and spoken about Klopp’s arrival at our “special club” and I don’t feel there is a huge amount I can add in my lowly little fanzine column that hasn’t already been said. 

So I thought I’d embrace the excitement and mystery around the Klopp legend and think about the 15 things I’d like to see from him over the next 12 months, some football related, some very much not…

1. Be spotted on the K1 in the Krazyhouse thrashing around to Slipknot with an Orange VK in each hand. 

2. Claim to not know who or what Everton is. 

3. Run down the touchline towards the Kop after a late winner. 

4. Visit the HJC shop. 

5. Lead a rendition of Gary Macca in The Albert before The Derby. 

6. Lead a rendition of Gary Macca in The Park, after The Derby. 

7. Be spotted in The Lobster pot at 2am. 

8. Be seen picking Jordan Rossiter up from school with the rest of the mums and dads. 

9. Have Jager poured into his mouth whilst dancing to The Ramones at the bar in MOJO.

10. Be spotted watching a spot of cricket at Aigburth with Didi Hamann. 

11. Drinking Pilsner out of The FA Cup after we’ve beaten Chelsea in the final. 

12. Be pictured on top of Robbie Fowler’s shoulders at Ayre’s house at 4am. 

13. Be seen buying a new gilet in Giancarlo Ricci on Bold Street. 

14. Be spotted having a stein and a chilli dog in Salt Dog Slims. 

15. Giving a Champion’s League press conference.