Sunday, 26 October 2014

We have to keep the faith

This is a snippet from a full article that will be appearing in Issue 206 of Red All Over The Land which will be on sale at the Chelsea game...

My immediate thought is that we HAVE to keep the faith. With Brendan Rodgers, with Balotelli, with everything. I wasn’t able to get to the Hull game, and a mate of mine went in my place. We exchanged a few texts after the game and he said one of the most frustrating things was how quickly fans got on the back of the players. We know there has always been the moaning contingent, for as far back as you want to go. But the horrible immediacy of modern football peddled by Sky Sports, social media and online gambling; breeds short sightedness, idiotic knee jerk reactions and uneducated bile of a level that I don’t think we have had to endure before. With ticket prices increasing and the modern game being gentrified more and more, Anfield is becoming a diluted theme park of itself.
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